Vertical Unit Instore Session with resident djs and guests :)

Hi there,

for this week we have nice things coming up for you!

Attention Attention 😬

We have three in-store sessions happening this week,
plus lots of new stock to check out

60 waves instore

🌪A special private birthday party for some dear
friends of ours from 17h
🌪Thursday: 60waves vinyl session with David Silver & Juli
N More from 17-20h
🌪Friday: A new collective from Majorca will be taking over
the store for their ‘Vertical Unit Showcase’ with resident DJs
and guests from 15-19h
‼️We are open Tues-Friday 10-19 and Saturday 12-19!‼️
Come in, enjoy a coffee & have a dig!

I would like to thank all that came out the the @60waves launch!
The ‘wave’ of support left us filled with an overflow of gratitude ..
KMA60 put out a statement yesterday that left people with a question mark and many of you reached out to me ..
In response to that, I wanted to share with you my personal statement, hoping that it may shed some light on our trajectory so far and what’s to come ahead ..
In it’s origins, KMA60 acted as both a music distribution company and a record store .. now the distribution and shop are becoming two separate entities .. and so we have the new name for the record shop .. 60 WAVES . .
This means I am no longer legally tied to KMA60, a company that I co founded / created with all my heart and now release with love – all with the intent of staying true to the vision that started me on this path ..
Although the distribution retained the name KMA60, the newly structured company is now owned by the Kuroneko Media Group ..
It was a necessary move to continue to grow while staying in line with my values for the shop – and honour the community we created as a whole .. Now with a different name, I still remain the proud owner of the record shop.
The shop 60 WAVES is a rebirth towards independence. We now have more freedom to evolve in support of the community that makes us .. and as always, we welcome all of you to continue to share our passion in what love most: music !
The artists that create the records we love and community supports them means everything to us – and we are thankful to you for trusting us to hold space for this exchange ..  in shop or online.
Moving forward, we have lots to anticipate, not only with events, but with new independent collaborations that deepen our curated selection of records.
Coming up, we have a a special collaboration with DNR London, meanwhile we continue bring you more exclusive records, and  soon some one-off pop up events starting in the year ahead & all in collaboration with the new and current faces that define the scene you know and love.
In the meantime, you can find us at the usual spot & of course Online under
All my Love,
Dana Ruh.

As most of you already know, 60waves has gone through some changes.

New name, new team and a constantly growing second hand section, to name a few.

Therefore, we decided to do an event for our friends and family, where everybody is invited to get to know the new face of the store better.

So swing by if you are up for a chat, a drink or just want to listen to music!

Join us from 19h on Wednesday :)

Live DJ instore session with the one and only Shuffle & Swing crew from the UK. Showcasing the latest in UKGarage sounds in the heart of Schillerkiez.

Today, we are hosting an in-store session with the Ecke Records crew.


Starting from 15h.. see you later!


The second event of today is our new “Aperitif Edition” with drinks, food and DJs where we will hangout and celebrate the new chapter for the store -> 60waves!

Join us from 19-22:00


We are happy to have back for the second event the spa studios crew!

Its a guest list only party from 19:30 (head to over to their page to add your name to G/L)

Expect good music, free beers and juicy discount codes for any purchase tonight!


This week, we are back to our normal opening hours:

Tuesday – Friday 10-19
Saturday 12-19

🔊We have 3 in-store sessions happening and plenty of new & old records to dig!

Thursday: A party for the new hotel next door ‘Schillinger’ with drinks, snacks and of course music from 18:00

Friday: Luxury brand @spastudios hosting ‘S.P.A’ – a guestlist only party from 19:30 (head over to their page to add your name to the G/L)

Saturday: The @curbside._ crew are in store from 15:00 with a label showcase, expect an afternoon of UK Garage sounds.

Pop in and say hiiiii :)

Out of interest we are reaching out to some clubs and promoters to hear more about their event and vision. We gonna mix it up whit what we find interesting. As the Ibiza season is full on, we reached out to Nacho, the artist director, who is in charge for Pyramid ibiza.

What does the name pyramid mean for the event?

Pyramid is coming from the cover of a record called Loco Ibiza acid  remix 1989. The group was called Amnesia.
The amnesia ibiza logo is a pyramid, too. So when we stated year 2018  we decid to be all conected calling the event pyramid and use the  triangle as inspiration.

Who is included into the project and what was the intention to start it?

Pyramid Ibiza is a party ownned by amnesia ibiza club. MarT and myself  are in charge of the event. My part of the work is creativity, rrpp,  visuals event decoration and bookings with the part of Ricardistas  music style.

When Cocoon Ibiza decided to finish his long residence at amnesia  ibiza we decided to continue what we learned with cocoon and focus the  event with the new era clubbers and acts.

What makes you different from other promoters?Whats your philosophy?

We are trying to do something different for the island. Since 1999 we  are doing events in Ibiza and we’re electronic music lovers. We fight  for good music. On the main room we go for real techno with new and  old school artist. At the terrace we go for all different kinds of  house music.

What can we expect in the future from you?

Music, love, respect and fun. Im coming from the past to show new  generations the future. My future vision is create events with good  music, live video art projections into organic materials (wood, wall,  iron, bamboo) and atmospheric lights. At the end less is more.
We are planning a tour around the world with pyramid, too.

Thank you Nacho for taking time to answer our questions… for a new blog, That might nobody notice … for now! :)