Butik Festival

13.7.22 – 17.7.22

As the name already tells, this Boutique festival took place out in the beautiful nature of Slovenia. With its limited capacity, location and artist that performed, the festival left a massive impression on me and brought back the essence of a festival representing electronic music in all its facets. I was more than happy when I was informed I would be playing Butik. I had I heard a lot about the party and I was very curious of what to expect and if it lives up to the stories I have been told. And yes… it was an experience that surpassed all expectations. I choose to go by car as the recent flight situation has made it difficult to reach. Driving through slovenia over Italy was absolutely beautiful and put me in the perfect state of mind. Butik is located 1,5 hours from venice and leads you down from the motorway through the stunning landscape of Slovenia. Surrounded by trees, following the river I made my way to the venue. I stopped at the check in, which was super fast and easy with no problems at all. The organizer came to welcome me and I was instantly in the mood to enjoy the festival grounds! 6 stages were built up to provide the soundtrack for the weekend. The beach stage started already 14.00 so you could have a nice swim while

listening to music. Food and beverages were provided and overall it just gave me a holiday feeling. I thought the color of the water from the The river looked as though it had been photoshopped but no, it was absolutely stunning! I couldn’t believe the beauty around me as I just jumped on the boat to play a set; which was to fill in for my dear colleague Andrey Pushkarev. Sadly he couldn’t made it to the boat regarding flight issues but laid it down later with Roger Geressen on the forest Stage on Saturday. The boat was cruising slowly through the water and gave us the possibility to check the venue from on the water.. Seeing all this beautiful nature, I talked to the organizer to learn more about the eco concept to protect the surrounding nature and still provide all festival features. A very thoughtful return / trash and cleaning concept was provided by the organizer that impressed me!

Butik Festival Statement:

Butik Festival is taking place in probably one of the most beautiful
festival locations in the world (seriously). So we need to be extra
careful when it comes to taking care of the environment. We want to
keep the festival site as clean as possible at all times throughout  the
festival because we would hate to see this beautiful place covered  with
plastic cups, bottles, and cans. This is why we have plastic  cups,
bottles, and can deposit (short: cup deposit).
When you buy a drink (in a plastic cup, plastic bottle, or a can), you
get charged an extra 2€ for a cup deposit. You can then exchange the
old cup for a new one when you order another drink or leave your cup  at
the cup deposit station (located next to the paycard loading  station)
and you will get your 2€ deposit back on your paycard.

As the day moved along we were surrounded by people jumping into the river, waving to us, enjoying the surrounding beauty, good vibes overall! After that and checking into the hotel I made my way to the beach stage where I was initially supposed to play. AR:TE had set the perfect vibe for me to start my set. The hosting and the technical support of the stage was just perfect and helped me to adjust a little as I was challenged by the dust flying onto my records. It was really nice to see some friends and listen to them after my set. I then made my way to the Forest Stage where Giammoarco Orsini just played a great set. The sound system of the first stage also blew me away and I have to say the setup sound wise of all stages was so perfect! This made it very easy to enjoy playing there. Overall the mix of a unique booking, special location,  generous hosting and a really special vibe makes it for me one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to! The artists that performed and also the inclusion of a lot of local talent is very refreshing. Lately there are a lot of similar line-ups. The mix of all genres between house and techno was so well programmed and the b2b from Ryan Elliot and Evan Baggs couldn’t have been a better closing for the festival. This one is a must go and should be on your bucket list!