On our Blog we have a new Feature where we will  ask artists, colleagues and friends about their connection to vinyl.  We already have nice interviews lined up and more than happy to start with Anna Wall. Anna is a DJ and Producer and one we really admire. Her pure energy , being authentic while playing and her music selection makes her special to us! As a resident of Londons Club Fabric, be sure she has something to tell!

My Vinyl Life – Anna Wall 


1. So I guess we should go back to the beginning and ask at what age did

your relationship with a vinyl record begin and how did it happen ?


I first became obsessed with turntablism back when I was into hip hop in my early teens. I’d watch all the DMC scratch championships in complete awe at the skills. The first time that I remember putting a needle on a record was when I was 16; my sister’s boyfriend collected garage vinyl. I became obsessed and then when I was 19 I bought two technics and a mixer plus a whole garage/d&b/jungle collection. I still have that set of turntables and I never looked back. 


2. How do you like to keep your records at home ? type of shelving ? are

the records filed in any order (genre, artist) ? do you use any

additional protecting sleeves for certain records ?


I have this amazing shelving unit for my wax that my incredibly talented friend Natalia Latyszonek custom built for me. It’s so beautiful. It has dividing sections too, which is great as I like to organise via genres and subgenres where possible. I try to keep all my records in protective sleeves too as they’re also good for on the road too. 


3. How do you find yourself buying records at the moment ? online or

physical store ? and how many vinyl promos to get nowadays ?


I’m still somewhat a Discogs addict with hundreds in my wantlist and always on the hunt. I also love to support my local record stores, this is very important to me. I love digging when I’m abroad, discovering new record stores and music that way too. Vinyl promos I am always incredibly grateful to receive :) 


4. How many record bags do you take away each weekend currently ? have

you had any record bags go missing over the years ?


I have a UDG that I take as carry-on luggage; I try to do this instead of checking them in at airports as I’ve heard so many nightmares of them going missing! 


5. Its well documented why you prefer to play vinyl and your love for it

but with the current situation we find ourselves in (plateauing sales

and the rise to prominence of CDJ’s & USB sticks) do you envisage vinyl

will be still be a way DJ’s play in nightclubs/venues in 10 years time ?

What are your thoughts on the future of vinyl ?


I know vinyl sales had a boom again throughout the pandemic and I am hearing of vinyl only labels that are really thriving this year which gives me faith. I think it’s such a loved and treasured medium that I hope it will always have a place with us.


Anna Wall

I would like to thank all that came out the the @60waves launch!
The ‘wave’ of support left us filled with an overflow of gratitude ..
KMA60 put out a statement yesterday that left people with a question mark and many of you reached out to me ..
In response to that, I wanted to share with you my personal statement, hoping that it may shed some light on our trajectory so far and what’s to come ahead ..
In it’s origins, KMA60 acted as both a music distribution company and a record store .. now the distribution and shop are becoming two separate entities .. and so we have the new name for the record shop .. 60 WAVES . .
This means I am no longer legally tied to KMA60, a company that I co founded / created with all my heart and now release with love – all with the intent of staying true to the vision that started me on this path ..
Although the distribution retained the name KMA60, the newly structured company is now owned by the Kuroneko Media Group ..
It was a necessary move to continue to grow while staying in line with my values for the shop – and honour the community we created as a whole .. Now with a different name, I still remain the proud owner of the record shop.
The shop 60 WAVES is a rebirth towards independence. We now have more freedom to evolve in support of the community that makes us .. and as always, we welcome all of you to continue to share our passion in what love most: music !
The artists that create the records we love and community supports them means everything to us – and we are thankful to you for trusting us to hold space for this exchange ..  in shop or online.
Moving forward, we have lots to anticipate, not only with events, but with new independent collaborations that deepen our curated selection of records.
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All my Love,
Dana Ruh.